Extension Pill that he would sink the Emperor s Sacred Heart into the surging springs, and then hurried back, and the Yan Ruyu s holy soldiers would be put away.Wang Yang is surging, thunder and lightning are mixed, giving birth to infinite vitality, closing on the spot, without any abnormality, and quickly repairing his body.After experiencing a series of severe pains, Ye Fan finally calmed down.The sea rises bright moon, the stars shine in the blue sky, the bitter sea grows golden lotus Speaking of it, Extension Pill those holy places and ancient families are really extraordinary.It is said that his sea of war has many differentities and is terrible.I don t know that today s famous gods are Extension Pill weaker and weaker than the past sacred bodies.Unfortunately, the Eucharist has been abolished, and there is no comparison at all.The family Extension Pill of Ji has a birth, as long as it does not die, I am afraid that it will flourish for thousands of years, and no one can Extension Pill stop it.Ye Fan Extension Pill was shocked by Extension Pill the heart, and the ancient fam

ily Ji Jia actually gave birth to the god, which made his mind quite uneasy. In the past half an hour, Ye Fancai feels back to normal, he has been released and lifted the imprisonment. Qin Yao stepped forward and Extension Pill smiled You have also seen, we will not hurt you, there is no need to worry, the spirit of the Emperor is warm in your body, it will only be good Extension Pill for you, and no harm. Ye Fan did not say anything, quietly sitting on the side, feeling the changes in the body, the green copper block was silent, real sex pills that work such Extension Pill as anti review meteorites, blocked Extension Pill in Extension Pill the spring, only those old man had never been sensed. The demon emperor s heart sinks in the life spring, and is moistened by the gods. The Extension Pill vigorous vitality is flowing, and z male enhancement traction devices for penis the position is much stronger than the gold book, but it is maxidus male enhancement still unable to be squeezed on it compared with the green copper block, and it is impossible to approach the underwater spring. The Sacred Heart of the Yaozu Emperor Extension Pill could only condescend in front of him, and people had to marvel.

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Suddenly, Ye Extension Pill Fan Extension Pill felt that the heart trembled a little, and then began to madly absorb his life, and the springs of the springs rushed.The bitter sea suddenly calmed down, and the springs Extension Pill no longer flowed incessantly.Ye Fan took a sip of cool air, and the green copper piece was really good.It was set in the spring eye and could completely suppress all the secret treasures in the sea. After Ye Fan calmed down, he sacrificed his own Ding to the heart of a gem like heart.He said to himself I don t know if I can make a Extension Pill few drops of the Emperor s Holy Extension Pill Blood.boom When Ding touched the moment of the Emperor s Sacred Heart, the red heart suddenly faintly flicked, and the whole piece of golden ocean suddenly boiled, but then the green copper block was shocked again, and the moment was calm.He found Extension Pill that there was a bloodshot on Xiao Ding, which turned into endless blood, and rushed out of the bitter sea and spread to his body.At this moment, his body is shaking, like being tempered, burs

ting with a brilliant brilliance, and the blood color shrouds his body. No, the Emperor s Sacred Heart has just sunk into his life, and he began to nourish his Extension Pill body. They thought they sealed the Sacred Heart, but Extension Pill they did not completely live in it. If it was not a green Extension Pill copper block, the consequences were unpredictable. Good, good, good An old expand male enhancement review singer said three good words, saying After the warmth of the sacred heart, the sacred heart can live forever, and the priest can be bold and tempted to practice the magic. He feels that Extension Pill flesh and blood have experienced x30 pump a baptism, obviously stronger, and sighs that the demon emperor s blood is extraordinary, but it is only a hydromax bathmate review trace of blood, it has such an effect. If you can take a drop, ten drops, Extension Pill or refine the whole heart, what will happen Yan Ruyu looked calm and looked at Ye Fan slyly. At this moment, Ye Fan stood up and felt that sex enhancement for male the whole body was Shutai, and Extension Pill he was refreshed. Ye Extension Pill Fan result extenze original formula male enhancement alone called Yan Ruyu, went forward, looked at this perfect